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My goal of creating this website is to take the undiscovered areas of our lives either cycling or life in general and bring that to you. I am a cycling enthusiast who loves to hit the trails and find new places. Cycling gives me a quick way to move through an area with a camera. I want to document and share all the little secrets that the trails or even life has to offer. I have an insatiable desire to search, explore, discover, and of course share. I hope of inspiring you to begin your next adventure of seeing what the world has to offer. Now get out and EXPLORE!


If you are in central Ohio and want to update your site with new pictures or a video, let me know.


My new blog can be found here: Blog


After alot of deliberation, I have decided to pursue the record for my age group at Calvin's Challenge. The race is May 3rd, 2014 and milage to beat is 230 miles in 12 hours. I will use this site and my blog to document my progress. Therefore I am asking for a donation to keep this site running as I spend my time in the training mode. Please help me beat that record!

For more information on the challenge: Calvin's Challenge


~~ Michael Klink



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